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The International Seminar “Meet the KIT Alumni”
 On December 15th, the KIT International Academic Exchange Club Key Station Chairs Seminar, “Meet the KIT Alumni,” was held. The Key Stations have been established in five areas in Asia to maintain a KIT international network. These are chaired by KIT alumni. Six alumni from five Key Stations attended the seminar and gave presentations that looked back on their time at KIT and told about their paths to career success.
 They are playing important roles as researchers, educators, corporate managers and engineers. Their topics, based on their own experiences, ranged widely from the strict rules they imposed on themselves when they studied abroad, to ways students will be asked to think after entering a company. Additionally, the importance of language study while still a student was emphasized. International students need to study Japanese language in order to understand Japan, and it’s also advantageous for international students who have mastered Japanese to work at a Japanese company overseas. On the other hand, English is also essential for working at a multinational company.
 Both international and Japanese students, who are thinking about their future careers, seemed to fully enjoy the presentations and were stimulated by this seminar. They asked pertinent questions to presenters after the session. KIT alumni, with their active careers, were excellent role models for current KIT international and domestic students.

  Presenters (KIT Alumni):
 Dr. LI Jun, Associate Professor, Qingdao Technological University, China
 Dr. KOO Kang, Professor, School of Textile, Yeungnam University, South Korea
 Dr. NGUYEN Trong Tue, Researcher, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam
 Ms. TRISUNAN Saikwan, President, Chul Tai Silk Co., LTD., Thailand
 Mr. ISHISHI Koichi, General Manager, Thai Kajima Co.,LTD., Thailand
 Mr. LOU Chi-Ping, President, Formosa Black Tea Co., LTD., Taiwan

Vice President Dr. Furuyama and KIT Alumni who made presentations at the seminar Audience at the Seminar
Vice President Dr. Furuyama and KIT Alumni who made presentations at the seminar Audience at the Seminar

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