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Museum and Archives Exhibition
Museum and Archives 30th Anniversary,Exhibition 1
The Formation of the Collection
―Focus on Posters ―
Museum and Archives 30th Anniversary,Exhibition 1<br>
          The Formation of the Collection<br>
          ―Focus on Posters ―
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 The Museum and Archives of Kyoto Institute of Technology has arrived at its 30th year of operation as of 2011. In commemoration, we have planned a series of exhibitions the first of which is: The Formation of the Collection ―Focus on Posters ―.

The Museum and Archives is one of only two art museums attached to a Japanese national university. We have continued to strive to expand the collection and to continue to make it available to the public. Above all, we take pride in our collection of modern and contemporary posters which is among the most extensive collection of its kind in Japan. The collection began as far back as 1902 with the establishment of one of the KIT predecessor institutions, Kyoto College of Technology. This was the first school in Japan to be devoted to design education. One of our first professors, Asai Chu, collected an array of Art Noveau period posters in Europe to better understand, in practice, European design which was the forerunner in the design world at that time. These posters were collected not with the purpose of collecting works of art but as reference material for design education. As a result, we have a stock of superb graphic designs and exceedingly valuable posters by Jules Cheret, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and other fathers of the modern poster.

Thanks to the efforts of many faculty who followed in the footsteps of Asai Chu, in addition to this modern European poster collection, the Museum and Archives now extends to designs from Central and Eastern Europe, North and South America and Asia. As a matter of course, many highly esteemed posters of note in Japanese design history are stored in the vaults of our archive. At present, there are over 6000 registered posters in this immense collection.

The current exhibition, The Formation of the Collection: Focus on Posters, introduces the history of the expansion of this collection. Roughly 100 representative posters are examined beginning with the formation of the early collection, to its systemization and latest accessions.
Duration September 20 (Tuesday) to October 28 (Friday)
Hours 10:00~17:00
(no admission after 16:30)
Venue 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall, Museum and Archives
Holidays Sundays and national holidays
Open October 16th (Sunday)
Admission Adults 200 yen
College Students 150 yen
Persons 18 and under Free
Inquiries Museum and Archives
Kyoto Institute of Technology

【Special Program】
A Survey of the Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum and Archives Collection
Time Saturday, Oct. 22nd
13:30 to 17:30
Venue Kyoto Institute of Technology
click for Kyoto Map:松ヶ崎キャンパス
60th Anniversary Building, East Campus
click for campus map:キャンパスマップ
Keynote Lecture Professor Emeritus Tsuguo Takeuchi, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Former director of Museum and Archives
Panelists Professor Kakugyo Chiku (Kanazawa Institute of Technology, College of Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Director of Library Centers, Director of Archives and Research Graphic Designer)
Professor Yusaku Terayama, of Musashino Art University
Dr. Yuko Hashimoto, Curator of Design, Utsunomiya Museum of Art
Moderator Professor Seishi Namiki, director of KIT Museum and Archives
Capacity 200 persons(first come, first served - no registration required)
Admission Free

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