Center for Project of Education and Research

Overview of KIT Education and Research Project Centers

The five Education and Research Project Centers listed below have been set up for limited periods to propel education and research projects. These projects respond to requests from within KIT and from outside the institution, as well. At the same time, the centers will further our long-term vision of “human-oriented technology.” Every project center is associated with a research field in which we already have significant achievements and is a showcase of work that is characteristic of KIT.

Purpose of the Education and Research Project Centers

Kyoto Institute of Technology has a mission to contribute to the sciences, art, culture, and industry through the exploration of wisdom, beauty and technology within the historical city of Kyoto, a foundation of Japanese traditional culture. Our guidelines require us to focus on projects which benefit society in an environmentally-friendly way, integrating wisdom and beauty, and to create technology derived from the best of human potential and ethics. We are constantly evolving.

The Education and Research Project Centers were assigned limited time frames to focus their efforts on the goals above and to form a hub for advanced education and research.

President Masao FURUYAMA

KIT Education and Research Centers

1.New Era Workplace Research Center

The New Era Workplace Research Center has been engaging in research on offices and work spaces and has achieved solid results. We will further develop the center by extending the research from the study of physical office space use to the ‘workplace,’ defining “workplace” as encompassing the working environment’s physical space, work style, and work tools. We will take our research to a new level. With this approach, we seek to facilitate the improvement of working environment quality in Japan.

Director of the Center: Prof. Ryusuke NAKA, Faculty of Design and Architecture
Period: August 2011 ~ July 2016

2.Plasma Control Science Research Center

The Plasma Control Science Research Center analyzes the properties of plasma using measurement technologies to seek advancement in materials and device development as well as applications to energy. Our other objectives are the creation of inherent plasma control methods and the development of related technology. This center is becoming a base for the promotion of domestic and international collaborative research into plasma control technology.

Director of the Center: Prof. Yasuaki HAYASHI, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Period: April 2013 ~ March 2017

3.Center for Polymer Degradation, Durability, and Analysis

The Center for Polymer Degradation, Durability, and Analysis has captured the interest of industry through our advanced metallic materials related research into composite materials such as GFRP and CRFP, resin molded articles, and various other materials including rubber. Currently, we are targeting the clarification of long-term degradation mechanisms in various environments and the establishment of accelerated and durable testing methods. This has led us to disseminating generic technologies that enhance the conservation of good components used to manufacture a wide range of industrial products.

Director of the Center: Prof. Hiroyuki NISHIMURA, Faculty of Fiber Science and Engineering
Period: November 2015 ~ March 2019

4.Green Innovation Center

The Green Innovation Center explores energy efficiency and participates in the ‘Next-generation Energy System Creation Strategy for Kyoto,’ a MEXT-subsidized project supporting regional innovation, and works to attract researchers to this field. We have established a center for research fields in green innovation in close collaboration with KIT’s Expertise Enhancement Project (Green Innovation).

Director of the Center: Prof. Masahiro YOSHIMOTO, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Period: November 2015 ~ March 2020

5.Rubber Science Research Center

At the Rubber Science Research Center, we are nurturing the next generation of natural rubber researchers and engineers in a global context. These are the human resources who will assume vital roles in coming rubber engineering industry developments. We transmit creative and exciting findings that aid in the development of rubber science and technology. In terms of sustainability, natural rubber promises to become one of the most essential materials in the 21st century. We are contributing to the building of a safe and secure low-carbon society by enabling a bright future for natural rubber.

Director of the Center: Prof. Yuko IKEDA, Faculty of Molecular Chemistry and Engineering
Period: June 2016 ~ March 2021