Future-Applied Conventional Technology Centre

Conventional industries are those which have survived social and historical selection to become state-of-the-art industries in various eras. An industry or technology that has survived for many generations must be one which is people-friendly, has an aesthetic people identify with and love, and is environmentally friendly.

The purpose of the Future-Applied Conventional Technology Centre is to promote research into the application of conventional technologies to new monozukuri (manufacturing) technology by blending knowledge and expertise from forerunning and current technologies. During the process of combining Japanese traditional techniques with current technology, the centre respects the accomplishments of our forerunners and is firm in its conviction that the incorporation of the motifs and practices of our predecessors will continue to reverberate with the ethnic identity of the Japanese. This solid grounding in the Japanese cultural heritage also has a strong appeal to other cultures. The centre’s essence is expressed in its title: dento (convention) mirai (future). Here, new monozukuri (manufacturing technologies) steeped in traditional knowledge are created and will contribute to Japan’s future development.

Research conducted in the centre illuminates the implicit knowledge of conventional technologies and skills, converting it to explicit knowledge which is then applied to new monozukuri.