Engineering Design

Program Objectives

The Doctors Program of Engineering Design involves four distinct fields: electronics, information science, mechanical and system engineering, and design engineering and management. Professional programs are offered to individuals who are interested in developing competence in specific areas or undertaking study in new technical fields. The goal of this program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to be leaders in today’s innovative technologies.

Research Activities

Research areas targeted by this program include electro materials and devices, communications, information science, mechanical engineering, and design management. Current research topics include: silicon carbide crystal growth, quantum structure fabrication, optical sensing and measurement, optical fiber communication, electronic material laser processing, medical image processing, plasma magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) phenomena, electromagnetic theory, microwave and millimeter wave electronics, communication and data networks, computer systems and architecture, system software, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, signal processing, discrete mathematics, analysis and control of stochastic systems, stochastic processes, control theory, material mechanics, machining and processing of mechanical parts or equipment, precision gear machining, vibration and noise control, digital holographic personal identity verification (PIV), multi phase flow, heat transfer and combustion, computational fluid dynamics methodologies, complex flow numerical simulation, human interfaces, virtual reality, industrial design, design strategies, marketing management, and design management.

Laboratory Information

Academic Programs