Center for Fiber and Textile Science

The Faculty of Textile Science had been offering a high level of academic research and technological development for more than 100 years since the foundation of KIT. However as a result of the massive restructuring of the school’s curriculums in April 2006, the Faculty of Textile Science was dismantled.
In this situation, we re-recognize the important role of KIT as an educational and research platform for the fiber and textile field, especially in a city that is known as the “eastern end of the Silk Road”. Although all the courses that were part of the Faculty of Textile Science curriculum have been integrated into the graduate school programs, we have developed a plan to establish and develop a new research organization that can serve as a center of the fiber and textile science and engineering in Japan. This research organization has been named the Center for Fiber and Textile Science. It is an independent organization that will lead the education and research in the fields related with fibers and textiles.
The center will continue to develop the new science and engineering that the former Faculty of Textile Science once cultivated. The center will also work closely with other KIT departments to promote education and research in the fiber and textile science. At the same time, the center will serve as a vibrant new nexus for the 21st-century fiber and textile culture and research.