Exchange & Short-Term Programs [Non-Degree]

Students at our partner institutions (see list) in various countries around the world have the opportunity to study with us for a semester or a full academic year. Interested students must consult their university’s KIT exchange coordinator and be approved by their home institution before applying for a KIT exchange. Partner institution and KIT coordinators will facilitate applicants’ study arrangements and be available for consultation during the exchange.
List of KIT and Partner Institution Student Exchange Schemes

Exchange Program


Nomination deadline Application deadline
2024 Spring semester October 12, 2023 October 26, 2023
2024 Fall semester February 15, 2024 February 29, 2024

Semester Dates:
Spring Semester April 1 – Late September
Fall Semester Late September – March 31

Course Enrollment

  • Course Enrollment Information for International Exchange Students
  • ※The course list above only describes fall 2023 through spring 2024 semester course offerings as they relate to enrollment status.
    We do NOT guarantee that the same courses will be offered in subsequent academic years.

Application forms for the Exchange Program

Application Guidelines PDF
Application for Admission (Form A) ONLINE APPLICATION
Recommendation Letter (Form B) Word Sample PDF
Health Questionnaire (Form C) Word Sample PDF
Application for KIT International House PDF Sample PDF
Submission Checklist Word Sample PDF

※Regarding the handling of personal information,refer to the PDF

KIT Global Human Resource Development Program

Note that we will only be sending information about scholarships to eligible students. Financial aid distribution is determined by KIT. We ask you to be aware that not all applicants are awarded scholarships.

2023 Short-Term Student Exchange Program (Inbound)

This program promotes short-term student exchange between Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) and our partner institutions by providing exchange students from partner institutions with financial assistance from the KIT International Exchange Promotion Fund.

2023 Global Internship Program (Inbound)

This program enriches cross-cultural understanding and promotes internationalization within Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) by accepting international students from partner institutions and implementing cooperative research and study with KIT students. We provide international students from partner and other institutions with financial assistance from the KIT International Exchange Promotion Fund.