Joint Degree/Double Degree Programs

Our JD/DD Partners

Based on our rich history of international collaboration, KIT has developed international degree programs, such as Joint Degree (JD) and Double Degree (DD) programs, in association with our partners. These programs offer both KIT and our partner institution students an opportunity to study in a different environment, obtain guidance from different perspectives, create a home away from home and build diverse human networks.
These programs also enhance the international compatibility of our research community through the active bi/multi- directional cooperation with each educational program.

Current Programs: (as of September 1, 2021)

Partner, Country Type Level Major at KIT
Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo), Italy Double
Master’s Innovative Materials
Material’s Properties Control
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (UNIVE), Italy Double
Functional Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
University of the Arts London (UAL) , UK Double
Master’s Design
Chiang Mai University (CMU) , Thailand Joint
Master’s Architecture
Ghent University, Belgium
University of Haute-Alsace, France
University of Boras, Sweden
University of West Attica, Greece
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Master’s Advanced Fibro-Science


How to Apply

JD program

To apply for the KIT-CMU JD program in Architecture, follow the CMU admission process. Visit the CMU website at:

DD program

If you are or will be enrolled in one of KIT’s DD partner universities (see the table above), contact the international office of your university. Applications are only accepted through the program coordinator/international office of your home university.

Once you are nominated for one of KIT’s DD programs by a DD partner, you will receive an online application ID and password from the KIT International Affairs Office to enable you to complete the application procedures. Follow the instructions below. These procedures are mandatory for all nominees to obtain degree student status at KIT, which leads to degree conferral.


Use your KIT-issued ID and password to complete the online application at:

Upload documents A to G below. (Required documents vary by program. Be sure to see the institution-specific information below.)

A. Thesis or a digital portfolio (if any)
B. Certificate of enrollment issued by home university
C. Bachelor’s or master’s degree certificate
D. Academic transcript of the bachelor’s or master’s degree
E. Recommendation letter
F.  English language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC etc.)
G. Copy of your passport

Note: All documents must be written in English. In case an English version is not available, attach a full English translation for each document.

In the section “Name of laboratory you wish to join or prospective supervisor at KIT” of the online application system, state the specific laboratory you wish to join or the name of the faculty member, if known. Reference links are below.

For PoliTo students:
Innovative Materials:
Material’s Properties Control:

For UNIVE students (Master’s level):
Functional Chemistry:

For UNIVE students (PhD level):
Materials Chemistry:

For UAL students:
Further notice for UAL students:
1.In the online application, you may leave the “Preferred Courses at KIT” section blank.
2.You are not required to upload the following documents:
  B.Certificate of Enrollment issued by UAL
  E.Recommendation Letter
  F.English language certificate

For WE-TEAM students:
Advanced Fibro-Science:


After procedures at KIT have been completed, nominated students will receive an official Letter of Acceptance by KIT. Students must then submit the Pledge by the designated deadline to confirm their enrollment at KIT. If the Pledge is not received by the deadline, your enrollment will be cancelled.


Three months before your departure to Kyoto, you are requested to upload additional documents H to K below through the online system.

H. Application for Certificate of Eligibility [CoE] (MS Excel File only)
 I. ID photo for CoE (in jpg or png format)
J. Health questionnaire
K. Application for KIT International House (for those who wish to stay there)


Fees and Scholarships

Students enrolled in our JD/DD programs and whose “home” university is not KIT, are not to pay tuition fees to KIT, but to their home university. On the other hand, students are required to pay some mandatory insurance and fees in accordance with Japanese legislation and KIT regulations.

Scholarship availability depends on the program. Be sure to contact the program office at your home university for information before applying.