Kyoto Institute of Technology and Chiang Mai University Joint Master’s Degree Program in Architecture(Master’s Program)

Joint Degree Program with Chiang Mai University

In partnership with Chiang Mai University, Thailand, we have established the Kyoto Institute of Technology and Chiang Mai University Joint Master’s Degree Program. This collaborative program in architecture focuses on architectural design and architectural and urban regeneration/revitalization. A single degree is granted to each student who completes this joint program.

Curriculum Features

Utilizing the extant historical architecture of Kyoto and Chiang Mai, we ensure that students engage in joint field work at both universities based on the design themes of regeneration and novel use of such architecture. We implement a practical educational program for the management of architectural resources. We also provide a curriculum centering on Architectural Design, in which students study architectural design and planning, with a focus on international development through lectures at both universities. The Architecture and Urban Revitalization curriculum specializes in architectural design that reconsiders existing architecture and cities, and which offers opportunities for students to study evaluation, planning, technological analysis, design, and management of such design. By doing so, we help students study ideal architecture based on both countries’ traditions and cultures.

Vision for Fostering Human Resources

We foster global architects, engineers, researchers and next-generation opinion leaders who are equipped with expertise and techniques in the field of architecture and who have a design mind and inquiring mind with which they can lead the world in close cooperation with those from other fields.

Specifically, we develop international architects, architectural engineers and urban planners, as well as conservation architects with high-level techniques, and educators and researchers who can prepare and implement educational strategies. We also foster those who have a vision of architecture in the 21st century, a time when a shift toward a stock-oriented society is expected, who can conduct research by taking advantage of the techniques needed to utilize and manage the stock of urban and architectural heritage sites, and who can prepare restoration and regeneration plans that are appropriate for each site.

Profile of Chiang Mai University

Located in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mai is home to many temples and is characterized by a dignified ancient capital atmosphere. This is why the city is known as the “Kyoto of Thailand.” As in Kyoto, the city has many cultural and architectural heritage properties.

Established in 1964, Chiang Mai University is a national university located in the northern part of Thailand. As a university in the northern part of the ASEAN region, the educational institute consists of 20 faculties, where approximately 35,000 students study, with one of the alumni being the former Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra. The university’s commemorative library was designed by Prof. Hiroaki Kimura (design and architecture) of Kyoto Institute of Technology.

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