Program Objectives

The curriculum of this program is based on the fundamentals that underlie electrical engineering and electronics: everything from basic sciences to advanced technologies. The program’s curriculum targets technologies related to electronic and integrated circuits, electronic devices, electronic equipment, communication technologies, electric power, digital systems and system control. The program methodology was designed to create program graduates that can identify and solve problems.

Curriculum Overview

The program curriculum includes many laboratory sessions and practice classes together with a wide range of theoretical and practically oriented lectures. Primary, subjects include mathematics, dynamics, electromagnetism, electrical circuit theory, and programming, etc. mainly in the first grade and special subjects in the second to fourth grades. Introductory seminar of electronics is carried out in the first semester in the first year. In the class, students visit laboratories by groups to be shown cutting-edge technologies, and they learn how to communicate technological ideas effectively, followed by continuing education in laboratory training and undergraduate research in upper grades.

Special program subjects are classified into three groups: material science and electronic devices, electromagnetic and optical communication, and electric circuits and signal processing. Material science and electronic device subjects include electronic material science, semiconductor physics, electronic devices, integrated circuit design, and quantum electrical engineering. In the electromagnetic and optical communication are the subjects that include electromagnetic engineering, introduction to optoelectronics, plasma science and technology, optical communication, and information processing. Students in the electric circuit and signal processing will study subjects that include linear circuit analysis, digital electronic circuits, analog electronic circuits, signal processing, microwave circuits, and applied electronic systems.

In their fourth year, students in this program will work on and complete a comprehensive research report on their laboratory work.

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