Message from president

Message from the President

President: Masao FURUYAMA
1947 Born in Kyoto, Japan
1971 BA, Architecture, Kyoto University
1973 MA, Urban Planning, The University of Tokyo
1976 PhD, Urban Planning, The University of Tokyo
1990 Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology
2004 Trustee and Vice President, Kyoto Institute
of Technology
2012 President, Kyoto Institute of Technology


 The exploration of “Wisdom, Beauty and Technology,” a combination unique to Kyoto Institute of Technology(KIT), has evolved over our 110 year history dating from the establishment of our predecessor institutions, Kyoto College of Technology and Kyoto College of Textile Fibers.

 This illustrious history now turns a new page. In September 2014, the Japanese Ministry of Education selected KIT as one of 37 universities to receive ten-year Top Global University funding. The vision we proposed is “OPEN-TECH INNOVATION – An Initiative for Global, Social and Regional Collaboration.” We are honored as well as humbled that our university has been selected to play a role in Japan’s globalization.

For students, globalization means an opportunity to encounter many aspects of the world, expand their potential and maximize their motivation to identify and overcome challenges.

 For researchers, globalization means the opportunity to have greater contact with others who are involved in developing cutting-edge technologies worldwide. It is leading us to explore and create new “industry-academia collaborations,” expand our applied research horizons and engage in more joint and cooperative projects.

 Through our globalization strategy initiatives, we will become a university which has a presence in higher education in the world.  

 Keep an eye on the small, but bright, rising star that is Kyoto Institute of Technology.