Applied Biology

Program Objectives

Recent developments in life sciences are changing the way we live our lives. Gene diagnosis and gene therapy are now realistic medical topics. In the near future, cancers could be curable diseases and artificial organs could be a reality. In this context, our program focuses on the development of new materials based on information from “life”. At Undergraduate Program of Biomolecular Engineering, we study functions and biomolecular structures, create novel material design concepts, and create new materials. We study biomolecules from a chemistry and engineering viewpoint. Undergraduate students are taught through various educational courses based on above mentioned context. In the program, we expect students to deepen their knowledge of fundamental subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, and to acquire a broad understanding of the life science field.

Curriculum Overview

In the Undergraduate Program of Biomolecular Engineering, we focus on following three major scientific fields for specific aspects of education and research:

  1. Applied biomolecular chemistry:
    Various types of polymers are developed, including biodegradable polymers, artificial polymer membranes, and bio-fibers.
  2. Application of artificial materials to biological systems: New materials are developed based on the biomolecular information found in proteins and nucleic acids.
  3. Mimic the chemical processes and functions of biomolecules: The mechanisms of molecular recognition by biomolecules provide useful information in developing new and interesting materials. The relationship between structure and function is also studied in this regard.

Through a rigorous educational and research framework, we educate students so that they are able to be active in new science and technology fields.

Our programs emphasize both theory and practice. Students will spend considerable time in the laboratory familiarizing themselves with chemical substances and learning how to work with them. In addition, a broad range of undergraduate research opportunities are provided by all faculty research groups.

Academic Programs