design1We are taking design beyond formative creation and redefining its current role and function as Social-Interaction Design. Our graduates are service-creation and socialimplementation ready. To achieve this, we organize coursework and research into four areas of specialization: design, technology, management and curation. These are organically integrated through PBL-based practical training and through internships and collaboration with industry, local government, and overseas research institutes.

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Laboratory Information

Art History and Museology laboratory History of Art and Design laboratory
The central study theme of my laboratory is the historical and the aesthetical analysis about the Japanese picture, sculptures and crafts. The second theme of my laboratory is to tell the value, the charm and the significance of those works to many people through the exhibition. The students belonging to my laboratory are concerned with the research and the display at the museum and archives in our university and are making efforts to create the new value of various art works. The end of this laboratory is to foster the researchers, specialized in the history of western art, European and Japanese modern art, history of design, theory of contemporary design. The way of research in this laboratory is not the intellectualist approach, based only on the lecture of documents. But it cultivates the talent that can output as treatise his thought, gained not only by his lecture of the documents but also in his art or design practice.
The students who study here can wish to be a curator of the museum of art, to work in the press, and to be a professor who can both teach the practice and do the lecture.
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art laboratory Theory of Contemporary Art laboratory
We inquire into the theory of art, examining different works of various art genres such as; painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, theater, dance, music and literature, etc. How can art transform our sense of time, space, and body? How can art cultivate our aesthetic sensibility and imagination? Reflection on art might deepen into reflection on perceptive faculties of human beings, and also on human nature itself. Each student conducts research on his own theme and prepares his master or doctoral thesis, while discussing the method and process of the research together with colleges and experts at the periodic seminar. We investigate contemporary art, which always questions the established value and creates new one, through a multiple approach. Art creation, often considered as a personal expression, is usually prescribed by historical, geographical, cultural or political contexts. As soon as an artwork is created, it is interpreted, and “meaning” made by interpretation convert the expression even. Thus, to investigate contemporary art is also to question the way of social validation and to examine the culture and public at large.
Design Process and Methodology laboratory Interior Design laboratory
In the era of information technology, the object of design covers not only substantial goods but also services on the digital network. Moreover, by facing the super aging and matured society, needs of people and the society are becoming unclear.
The situation of the society is changing rapidly, however, it is always the same that design activity is a combination of finding needs and generating creative solutions for them. This laboratory aims to construct Design Methodology for this complicated modern society with a mixture of logical data analysis and intuitive expressive approach.
We question again the ways of realizing convenience, beauty and richness of life which today’ s interior design can bring not only from the usual viewpoints but from those of design ethics and environmental protection, then try to pursue physically as well as mentally long-lasting interiors. Also, we think that interior designers should have an educational role to lead their clients’ (users’ ) sense of value toward a more saving and sustainable perspective. And finally, we aim to train the interior designer whose talent covers “creation”, “maintenance” and “education and enlightenment” at the same time.
Contemporary Design laboratory Media Design laboratory
In the laboratory, we examine the relationship between society and design, particularly three-dimensional design. How can we help to resolve social issues and needs through three-dimensional objects and the design process? We promote and develop new design techniques through the analysis of past and present examples, while participating in actual product manufacturing and distribution. The Media Design Lab focuses on the potential of time-based media by overlooking comprehensive perspectives of communication processes between addresser and addressee. We are mainly working on projects in the area of content creation (documentary, animation, media art, etc.).
Also, we consider Design in strong association with Anthropology and Sociology, rethinking about the visual-mediated communication by practicing such kinds of methods based on fieldwork in social and cultural insights.
Visual Design laboratory Communication Design laboratory
We investigate and analyze the function of visual design in modern society and theoretically examine its societal effects, while researching methods of reflecting our findings in design activity to implement effective design. As a field, visual design is based on typography, illustrations and photographs, and also includes activities like advertising, editorials, product development and branding. Also, we are actively engaged in implementing design keyed to the “traditions of Kyoto,” and also frequently host events like exhibitions while developing products. “Life through Graphic Design”
Our broad research and work in the field of visual design encompasses everything from planar to 3D, focusing on “life” through “environment, objects and information”.
In particular, we specialize in design for product development, packaging and brand-building, utilizing typography, image processing, print technology, colors & materials, manufacturing/forming techniques, information & sign system design to deliver our core idea of “communicating value”.
Through both discussion and practice, we clarify the nature of modern visual design in business, and share its value with the world.
Media Design laboratory Product Design laboratory
Our research fields are photography and visual communication design. Generally,a photographic image is accepted as actual exact record. However, on the other hand, we use a photographic image, considering it to be media, in order to send a certain meaning or message. Our main purposes are to find and analyze about the contemporary phases and topics of the photography that have function of record and media. As the society has been being complicated, it is considered that design needs to fit to the structure of society for realizing ideas.
In this lab, we observe and analyze elements which make design of products around us: the process, the material, the function, the distribution, the cultural background and the things making emotion etc, and try to reveal relationship between the products and the structure of society by deriving the essence behind the things, ‘How the product is to be like that’.
Through the research, we do practical study by designing real products.

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