Announcement for International Students


Date: March 11, 2022
From: Director, International Center

To All International Students and Researchers Waiting to Enter Japan 
Effective March 1, 2022, the Japanese government has eased restrictions on new entries of foreign nationals.
Based on the government’s measures, Kyoto Institute of Technology will be accepting international students and researchers in stages. We ask for your understanding and cooperation with regard to the various procedures and actions to be taken by all of those who are waiting to enter Japan.

1.Measures taken by KIT

  • Currently, the Japanese government allows 7,000 people per day to enter Japan, including Japanese nationals, re-entry foreigners, and new arrivals for business purposes. On the other hand, it is estimated that there are over 100,000 foreign students on the waiting list.
  • The measures set forth by the Japanese government are based on the premise that the host university is responsible for the conduct management of newly arrived foreigners. For this reason, new arrivals will only be accepted in accordance with the procedures for conduct management established by KIT.
  • Therefore, given the capacity of KIT, especially in terms of securing a standby (quarantine) location, and also given the fact that the total number of persons allowed per day is limited, it is practically impossible to process all international students and researchers on the waiting list through the immigration procedures at the same time.
  • We will be providing information to those of you who have admission letters and letters of acceptance from KIT as soon as the information is available.

2.KIT will be accepting new arrivals in the following stages:

  • International students
    1) International students who have been admitted to KIT by the academic year 2021 and have been issued a Certificate of Eligibility;
    2) Those who are expected to be admitted to KIT in April 2022;
    3) Entry of exchange students from the fall semester of 2022 is currently under consideration;
    4) Short-term programs such as internships and summer schools are currently suspended.
  • Foreign researchers must be approved as “International Visiting Scholars” to be accepted.

■ Reference: Basic Conditions for Entry into Japan

  1. After entering Japan, the need for standby (quarantine), the location and the period of quarantine is determined by the following criteria:
    A: The country/region you are entering from;
    B: Whether or not you have received three doses of the vaccines designated by the Japanese government.
  2. The standby location will be at an accommodation designated by KIT, which will be reserved by you according to the method designated by KIT. In principle, costs are at your own expense (international students may be eligible for a separate financial aid program. For researchers, these expenses may be covered depending on the relevant budget).
  3. As a general rule, you will be required to stand by at the accommodation designated by KIT for 5 nights and 6 days after your arrival in Japan. The standby period cannot be terminated without notification from the Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO).
  4. Details on required documents and procedures will be provided on an individual basis.







  • 現在、日本政府は1日当たり7000人の入国を認めており、これには日本人、 再入国の外国人や、ビジネス目的の新規外国人入国者も含まれています。一方で待機中の外国人留学生は10万人を超えていると言われています。
  • 日本政府の定める措置は、受入大学が新規に入国する外国人の行動管理等に責任を持つことが前提とされています。このため、本学において定める行動管理等に関する手順に沿った形でのみ、新規の受入を行うものです。
  • したがって、本学での諸手続きを行うキャパシティ、特に待機場所等の確保の問題、また、もとより1日当たりの総入国者数が制限されている事情からも、待機中のすべての外国人留学生・研究者の方に対し、一度に入国の手続きをご案内することが不可能な状況です。
  • 本学の入学許可書、受入許可書をお持ちの方には、用意ができ次第、順次ご案内をさせていただきますので、今しばらくお待ちください。


  • 外国人留学生
    1) 本学に2021年度までに入学済みで、在留資格認定証明書が発行されている留学生
    2) 2022年4月に本学に入学予定の方
    3) 交換留学生の2022年秋学期からの新規入国による受入は現在検討中です。
    4) インターンシップ、サマースクール等、短期のプログラムの受入は現在停止しています。
  • 外国人研究者は「国際訪問研究員」としての受入承認済みの方のみ


  1. 日本入国後の待機(隔離)の有無、場所及び期間は、
    A: どこの国・地域から入国するか
    B: 日本政府が指定するワクチンを3回接種しているかどうか
  2. 待機場所は本学が指定する宿泊施設となり、本学が指定する方法で入国者自身に予約していただきます。費用は原則自己負担です。(留学生には別途経 済支援プログラムが適用される場合があります。研究者は招聘の予算等によっては、これが支給される場合があります。)
  3. 原則として日本入国から5泊6日の間、本学が指定する宿泊施設での待機となります。待機の終了は入国者健康確認センターからの通知がなければできません。
  4. 必要書類や手続きの詳細は個別にご連絡します。

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