Mechanical Engineering(Undergraduate Programs)

Contributing to the Progress of Manufacturing

Our organic approach to educational and research activities fosters high-level specialized engineers who consider both theoretical and practical solutions for the specific realization of areas of study that will contribute to the progress of manufacturing. Our engineers identify problems and possess the comprehensive design skills that enable them to address and resolve issues.

Educational Program

To realize our educational objectives, we have organized our educational program around the specific study and educational achievement targets, A to D, presented below.
A. Possess proficiency in the liberal arts, a global perspective and an awareness of their social responsibilities as engineers
1. Become familiar with sports and the arts, and obtaining proficiency in the liberal arts students begin to approach concerns from a humanitarian perspective.
2. Acquire knowledge and skills students develop a global perspective
3. Understand the development of science and technology and its effects and impact on the natural environment, life, society, etc.

B. Possess an extensive range of fundamental academic abilities and expertise
1. Possess fundamental academic ability in the fields of mathematics, physics, information technology, and more
2. Obtain expertise in traditional mechanical engineering
3. Possess the ability to establish a new mechanical system that addresses changes in and requests from the times and society by applying a wide range of expertise

C. Possess global-standard expressiveness and logicality
1. Are able to communicate at international events
2. Are able to provide logical descriptions, make presentations, and engage in discussions in Japanese

D. Possess the ability to judge autonomously and solve problems
1. Are able to study on a continuing basis and are motivated to realize self-development
2. Are able to pursue the possibility of solving problems under a wide variety of conditions, and achieve objectives in a well-planned manner
3. Are able to organize a team and demonstrate leadership

Academic Programs