Graduate School

Education and Research Objectives

The mission of the Graduate School of Science and Technology is to continue the work done at the undergraduate level through greater specialization and much more research activity.

Through the Kyoto Institute of Technology’s (KIT) master’s and doctor’s programs, we hope to train scientists that are adept at both the concrete and abstract aspects of science. The concrete encompasses a deep knowledge and understanding of the pioneering technologies and methods that will be important in the 21st century. The abstract aspects are essentially those qualities and approaches that define great researchers and theorists in any field. Both of these aspects have played a key role in education and research at KIT over the past 100 years.

KIT is special because of the wide range of subjects and fields graduate students can specialize in. KIT’s graduate programs offer students expertise and higher degrees in everything from agriculture and the humanities to sciences and the fine arts. No other technological graduate school in Japan offers such a comprehensive range of study.


Master’s Programs

The first two years of graduate school is defined as a master’s program. As part of this graduate degree, student are expected to master a broad range of in-depth scholastic understanding, research skills, and advanced technological applications in their area of specialization. Accordingly, these programs emphasize a continuance of the specialization undertaken at the undergraduate level. In total, there are twelve different master’s programs covering three academic fields, including one independent program and eleven others that are extensions of existing specialization topics at the undergraduate level.

Doctoral Programs

Doctor’s program consists of another three years of study after the completion of a master’s degree. KIT offers four doctor’s programs in the engineering science field. Three of the programs are specialized programs related to KIT’s three academic fields. One of the doctor’s programs, the doctor’s program of Advanced Fibro-Science, is an independent program with no specifically defined undergraduate foundation.

Academic Programs