Applied Biology(Undergraduate Programs)

Program Objectives

Originating from the Sericultural Science Department with its history and tradition, the Undergraduate Program of Applied Biology carries out education and research on modern biology and biotechnology. Based on the analysis of life phenomena, our goal is the understanding and control of the production capabilities possessed by animals, insects, plants, microorganisms, and cultured cells. Studies are directed toward the discovery of new biological functions and the development of technologies to control and improve biological functions.

We train students to become general biotechnologists who understand life sciences based on the knowledge of basic biology and biological chemistry. These students will then apply this knowledge to biotechnological challenges by solving problems related to life, organisms and earth environment.

Curriculum Overview

Students majoring in this program will learn about modern biology and biotechnological applications. During the first two years, students will take basic natural science subjects, as well as courses in fundamental specialized subjects such as cell biology, molecular biology, biological chemistry and genetics. In the second year, students start laboratory work in functional biology and molecular biology. From the third year, students will take more specialized subjects such as molecular genetics, brain physiology, tissue engineering, microbial technology and insect biotechnology. They will also carry out laboratory work in functional biology and molecular biology as well as attend biology seminars based on English texts. In the fourth year, students carry out thesis research in the field of their choice.

Academic Programs