International Development

KIT is implementing a Center of Globalization (COG) project with the aim of contributing to the international community. Also, in pursuit of the goal declared in KIT’s long-term vision, of “nurturing international tech leaders,” KIT is enhancing its systems for the integrated planning and promotion of international exchange overall.

University reform and internationalization

This was adopted as a Top Global University Project in September 2014. By taking decisive action across the entire institution in the areas of university reform and internationalization, the initiatives that make up this project will raise the international relevancy and, in turn, strengthen the international competitiveness of the university. Also, building on the university’s track record to date, this project is taking on the challenge of pioneering trial programs and pursuing initiatives to make KIT a driving force in Japan’s globalization.

Make the university more international

Specific initiatives to make the university more international include programs for the thorough improvement of English language skills of both undergraduate and post-graduate students, joint research and workshops based in the KYOTO Design Lab with research units continuously attracted from overseas universities (discussed later), and a joint degree program with Thailand’s Chiang Mai University.