Producing Globally Active Human Resources

Faculty Training Mobility Program

Since AY 2015, we have been implementing an educational training program which sends our faculty members to overseas universities or other educational institutions for an extended period for the purpose of promoting globalization of our curriculum and networking with overseas institutions. Faculty members who have participated in this program have enrolled international students from the university/institution to which they were sent, in KIT, or wrote joint papers with researchers at the university/institution they visited.

hr_01aLecture at overseas institution
hr_02Briefing session after returning to Japan

Globalizing Administrative Staff

We are working on advancing the skills of our administrative staff to respond to the internationalization of their work and facilitate collaboration between faculty and administrative staff. We offer English learning programs enabling administrative staff to participate in actual conversational practice and an e-learning course to prepare them for the TOEIC test. We are working to establish a system through which, in 2023, 30 percent of administrative staff have a TOEIC score of 730 or more and are able to perform their duties smoothly in English.

○ Training programs
1. English training programs

AY 2015: Implementation of e-learning program for the TOEIC test AY 2016: Implementation of English training program with actual conversation practice and e-learning program for the TOEIC test

2. Opportunities for administrative staff to work overseas

To train administrative staff to perform their work from a global perspective, we send our administrative staff to overseas universities for extended periods. By offering opportunities for administrative staff to participate in internships at overseas universities or visit relevant institutions, we aim to improve their work skills and increase the international competitiveness of our institution.
AY 2015: 1 person dispatched
Moreover, to offer opportunities for administrative staff to learn about the current situation of overseas universities and their internationalization efforts as well as to improve their language skills, we also send them to overseas universities on a short-term basis. There, they are trained to contribute to the internationalization of our institution.
AY 2015: 3 persons dispatched
AY 2016: 2 persons dispatched
AY 2017: 3 persons dispatched
AY 2018: 3 persons dispatched
University staff taking the TOEIC Test
English training for university staff

Inviting Overseas Leading Units to KIT

In the field of design, architecture, polymer fiber materials and green innovation, we have put in place an agreement with leading overseas universities to establish an academic unit program to invite their researchers to KIT. As part of this program, we offer opportunities for our faculty to hold workshops or academic seminars in collaboration with overseas researchers to learn about cutting-edge research results and trends.

In AY 2014, 21 projects were implemented.
In AY 2015, 40 projects were implemented.
In AY 2016, 33 projects were implemented.