Strengthening our ASIAN HUB Presence, Facilities and Diversity

Collaboration with the Local Community through OPEN-TECH Seminars

In order to share with the local community the human, material and intellectual resources acquired through collaboration with the world’s top researchers, we provide opportunities to exchange human resources between the world’s top researchers and our faculty, staff and the local community, industry, government and research institutions. This supports the globalization of the local community and promotes technology exchanges. To this end, we held seminars open to the public.




We have established a Global Commons in our library. Here, international students and Japanese students communicate with each other and learn about each other’s languages, culture and customs. It is used for linguistic and cultural exchange, discussions (e.g. discussing movie they watch together) and collaborative learning. Moreover, communicating with international students at the Global Commons may even provide local language or cultural information on a particular country to interested persons before they go there to study.

Welcome to Global Learning Commons!
pl_02.jpgM cafe space (1st floor)
Group study room (3rd floor)
pl_04.jpgStudy space (3rd floor)

Residence Hall for International and Japanese Students

We allow a number of Japanese students to live at the International House at KIT to provide support for the international residents. Moreover, in July of 2013, we established Matsugasaki Student Hall for both Japanese and international students who attend KIT or KIT associated universities. We regularly hold an evening hour at Matsugasaki Student Hall to provide opportunities for Japanese and international students to communicate with each other. Furthermore, we are considering offering private rental housing where Japanese students and international students live together, with the help of KIT designated real estate agencies.

hr_03aThe College House Matsugasaki
hr_03The International House (Marikoji Kaikan)