Response to Kyoto Prefecture’s Lifting of State of Emergency Measures

Date: March 1, 2021
From: The Novel Coronavirus Infection Control Task Force Chief
To all Students, Faculty and Staff,

Re: Response to Kyoto Prefecture’s Lifting of State of Emergency Measures

 As of February 28, Kyoto Prefecture was excluded from the areas subject to the government’s declaration of a state of emergency regarding the novel coronavirus infection, and the state of emergency measures in Kyoto Prefecture have been lifted. However, Kyoto Prefecture has decided to implement measures transitioning to a new stage to prevent the resurgence of the infection, and continues to request that people refrain from going out unnecessarily, promote telework, and that universities and other institutions take measures to prevent infection.
 In light of the above, Kyoto Institute of Technology will continue to follow the measures below. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in implementing these measures.

  • Refrain from non-essential outings (commuting to work or school is excluded);
  • Refrain from unnecessary travel to the areas under state of emergency;
  • To the extent it does not interfere with the performance of your duties, actively promote teleworking or staggered working hours;
  • Refrain from attending events that involve eating and drinking (thank-you parties, welcome and farewell parties, etc.) and graduation trips;
  • Regarding extracurricular activities, take thorough measures to prevent infection and avoid activities with a particularly high risk of infection.

 In addition to the above, please continue to follow the “Kyoto Institute of Technology Manual on Limiting Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission”.
 Entrance examinations, the degree awarding ceremony and the entrance ceremony will be held. For details, please refer to separate related notice.
 Please note that the risk of infection is particularly high during eating and drinking occasions. Avoid eating with non-family members, wear a mask when talking, even during meals, and take any other measures necessary to prevent infection during eating and drinking.
 We ask for your continued cooperation in following the “Kyoto Institute of Technology Manual on Limiting Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission” and consistently implementing basic infection control measures. Avoid the “3Cs” (crowded places, close contact settings and closed spaces), maintain social distancing from others, wear a mask and wash and disinfect your hands. Also, actively practice the “new lifestyle” (limiting unnecessary contact with people, etc.) in order to protect your health and prevent others from becoming infected.

Note:March 22 Restrictions on non-essential outings and traveling to the areas under state of emergency were deleted.