14th Japan-Vietnam Joint Seminar

On September 22 – 23, the 14th Japan-Vietnam Joint Seminar was held at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, in Vietnam. This is an event that has been held every year since 2002, aiming at strengthening the ties and promoting the research exchange between the two countries.
Driven by this seminar, a wide range of exchange activities, such as acceptance of international students and dispatching of KIT’s students has been taking place, with the field of cooperation gradually expanding; this year, presentations of research findings were made on Applied Biology, Biochemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Information Science and Mechanical Engineering.
Presentations were made not only by researchers, but also by KIT’s graduate students staying in Vietnam as part of the Global Internship Program, thus creating educational results as well.
KIT’s international graduates, who have now become academic staff at universities in Vietnam, also had the opportunity to meet all together, making the reception look more like a reunion and highlighting the results of our university’s long relationship with Vietnam.
At the closing reception, it was unanimously decided that next year’s Seminar will take place at Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City, University of Sciences.

  • Group photo of the Seminar’s participantsGroup photo of the Seminar’s participants
  • Professor Kamei’s keynote lectureProfessor Kamei’s keynote lecture