Students Laboratory Activities (3rd official communication)

Date: April 20, 2020
From: President Kiyotaka Morisako
To: All Students,

Re: Students Laboratory Activities (3rd official communication)

 In order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus disease, the suspension of laboratory activities that had been announced until May 6, is being extended until June 30.
 However, master’s program students, expected to graduate from KIT in September 2020, and doctoral program students are allowed to conduct experiments and other laboratory activities, provided that they avoid the “3Cs” – Confined spaces, Crowded places and Close contact. Students should conduct any activities following the instructions of their supervisors.
 Other laboratory activities, such as seminars and research workshops, will be conducted online using Moodle and other systems. Students should follow the instructions of their supervisors.
 As previously communicated, this does not hinder or prevent the minimum number of the necessary activities such as maintenance of cultured cells, experimental animals and laboratory equipment.

 Decision on extension of this measure will be made in the end of May. In the event that this measure is to be lifted before June 30, a new announcement will follow.

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